We Went to Louisville and Now We're Gone

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bye, bye

I decided to take down our old blog about our experiences in Louisville because I've just grown weary of the vindictive personal attacks generated by people who don't know us from a hill of beans and who are reacting to one post I made about our personal experiences in Old Louisville.

If they had bothered to read the rest of our old blog, they'd have known that we did have some good experiences in Louisville, that we aren't anti-urban (we lived for a while in downtown Louisville and enjoyed it just fine and we've also lived in a number of other, much larger, cities), and that it took months of increasingly bad stuff for us to decide to move away (the final straw being when someone shot our car with a rifle using a military grade, armor piercing bullet -- for no reason; they didn't even try to break into it or steal it -- and the police didn't even bother to come out to take a report).

Ultimately, it was the complete apathy of the police force, the mindless vandalism of the college students, and the increasing crime in our immediate area that caused us to move (and yes, I understand that your experiences may be different; this was a personal blog and it detailed our personal experiences).

I wouldn't have actually bothered making this wrap up post as the people who have been sending comments and emailing us probably won't be swayed anyway (in my experience, if you're the kind of person who stoops to personal attacks rather than civil discourse, there's not much hope of communicating), but for the friends and family that still periodically visited this blog and for the restaurants and businesses that had linked to our posts about them (sorry to have to take those down; I just really didn't have the time to comb through each post to see which ones I could leave up without generating more hate mail).

So, goodbye again to Louisville.